Universal Understanding


Space as matter is one of the three manifestations of our Astral Form, the other two being Time and Source. They each possess a spiritual form that must be perceived, for Space it is Stability. Merging and knowing this last piece of wisdom to our Astral Forms, will be the furthest we can comprehend The Universal Consciousness, and the beginning manifestation of what I can only call Source. Much like knowing the Crown Chakra, we must first fully awaken to the Space and Time to awaken the Source Chakra on our Astral Forms.

Awakening is different from the physical activities we needed to perform before. I will attempt to present various ways of development when and if I can. Some contemplation can be easily performed by a less awakened soul, the true force may not have the desired impact unless the Crown Chakra is fully awakened thus given us access to Cosmic Energy. Many of the major schools of spiritual studies have focused on the magnanimity of the Forming Gods which has little to no importance to us, other than to pray to them and accept what they give. I view spiritual advancement as a simultaneous reaching between us and Source on equal terms, each giving exactly what is given.

            Balancing this Chakra is achieved through the life stream and can only be fully realized by possessing a physical form. This gives to us a realization never contemplated, we come into this life with the question why we were created. We should ask, “Why did Consciousness manifest into the material universe?” I do not wish to debate the Big Bang Theory for it does not ring as truth in my current understanding. What I can say is that The Conscious Universe has grown continuously, stars have exploded which pushed light forward as matter meshed and sprayed. Until at the very outskirts of this current universe, we flowered from that very Consciousness. All awakened souls will come to the same conclusion, I will leave you to this realization.