Spiritual Thoughts

Insights; Buddhist practices teach us to deny existence, the reason we reincarnate is due to our grasping at false pleasure. Life is suffering and must be looked as the illusions which we continuously grasp at life after life. The end goal is Nirvana, secession from the material realms. I know well the blending into nothingness during deep meditation as we choose to deny our forms. While the Buddhist deny, the Christian reach for and eternal life.

The Christian accepts one life to a promised land however, there is no mention really of what is done while they wait. I have seen souls lingering at the tombstones waiting for the second coming for quite some time now. The Buddhist says to deny this existence to leave it, The Christian says accept heaven to leave this existence.            

We are Beings of this Existence, manifested into The Whole of Existence. How have we been made to see denial and heaven, and believe this to be true? True Existence, once we lift the veil, is so many levels that we move through unacknowledging each day. It is Unconsciousness that keeps us from viewing it, and it is Unconsciousness that wishes to keep us asleep. All teachings may have been needed for a time period to move us forward, and should Consciousness prevailed then we would be looking at very different doctrines of Liberation.

Doctrines which would’ve accepted the wholeness of our Physical and Spiritual Forms as ever evolving within this Conscious Universe and given to us the secrets as to why among all of Creation this is so. So, when Entropy peaks and you begin to feel that we have wasted time wandering about without our truth, know that the Force of Stability will balance existence out and give to us the wisdom needed. Heaven is but a pocket in a dimension, we are one with Existence, why would we accept this? Denial of Existence is Denial of Ourselves, it’s denial of our experiences here as Conscious Beings, why would we accept this as well? Once we fully mature as spirits we come to realize that these teachings were for the current understandings. Not to be made cemented as we continued to evolve.

Buddha spoke to us about denying the physical world because that was are current condition. Jesus spoke to us about moving forward to eternal life because that again was how we would evolve. What now does Consciousness say? When we are ready, we will hear this lesson as well. Not attempting to stir up controversy, just feel that in order to truly honor these great spiritual leaders, we must prove to them that we are worthy of growth. They wanted self-realizational for each of us to be able to reach them on equal thought eventually. In order to do this we must continue to grow.

Thank you for reading

JL Mondragon