Excerpt: Realm of Order

Only by self-contemplation and a deep yearning to develop ourselves within the Plane of Connection will we strengthen and grow. Many of us will take to hiding, because we feel overpowered by what we consciously observe. This is clear understanding of how few we are as of now, surging aware possibilities, few who have the wisdom needed to go the distance. Or fall into corrupted organizations because we feel and overpowering acceptance.

Its within our natures to feel needed and useful at these times in our development. Remember that Jesus of Nazareth and many other Great Beings disappeared for a time to develop before they brought forth their wisdom. They did this because they had evolved to the point where there could be no more teachers, no more guides, no more lessons that this physical universe could give. At this point they were Consciousness Realized, they needed to Master the Elemental forces to bring forth a new understanding to the world. In doing so finding their Souls true form and purpose. When Consciousness has developed fully in this Plane, a Conscious Being, can command any of the Prime Four Elements with but one thought, close to instant results, every time. This is why I believe to Become Conscious first, to cleanse corruption, and then Master the Elements. For at this point we see them as easy as we can read from this page.

            Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) is what I conceive to be the original form of meditation from the Siddhartha Gotama, before realizing his true form as Buddha. This very action holds the key to our development, free of any chants or embellished states of created awareness. Just sitting, consciously observing the breath’s movements, and acceptance of all that is. Not following thoughts that arise but watching as they move in and out of your mind with simple observations. This is a direct link to drown out the many voices and find true awareness in your Truth. Much more can be learned, but truly at this point in this is your journey between you and The Design. The wisdom imparted from Source is for you alone to become one with all. There aren’t Gift’s granted because your very Consciousness is the Supreme Gift fully Realized as a Greater Being of Creation. It is for you alone to accept and own this truth even if it should take lifetimes. Jesus of Nazareth had doubts, we see this is the desert journey where Lucifer sought to corrupt him. We may not know how many lifetimes Jesus struggled with the knowledge of what he was meant to do, for that is between him and The Omnipotent Consciousness. Or how many times he may have failed to complete this task. I write this so we understand what is to come, that we understand what is at stake, and that we can take on our personal journeys without fears. Many of us will never have to take on such burdens as being the soul spirit responsible for the future evolution. There will be one to come which will take on the burden of moving forward the Root Races which will have immense impact on multiple levels of life here in Our Solar System. Still each of us are capable of sacrificing by bringing Consciousness to every Soul we come into contact with. I hope that when the time comes for you to access full realization, that you have a Collective Universe that has prepared you properly so that your internal struggles are eased, you can move forward in truth.