Consciousness: Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized

Spiritual Evolution, it’s time.

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Consciousness, Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized

These writings are of a Universal Understanding. You will find The Perennial Teachings, The Secret Doctrines, and The Ancient Wisdoms modernized within my work. I pull truth from many teachings from Theism to Occultism, and much from the ever-evolving Judaism/Christian roots including The Dead Sea Scrolls for specific reasons. I balance Buddhism with Quantum Physics, Anthroposophy helped bind this through and through. The Urantian Philosophy and Literature of The Great Thoth I found a special bond with. This work has been thirty years in the making, but from birth I’ve always known I was meant to write it.

The Beings mentioned within I submit as to not being their original names, some things our lost beyond our understandings, but they are their current names which invokes the personae they wish to portray. Good & Evil, Angels & Devils, and Earth’s Sacred Evolution in the middle. It is hard to find peace without understanding loss, and though I do attempt not to view such things I am constantly viewing two worlds of possibilities.

When we are able to step back and look at hardships on a larger scale, then we would truly touch on the interferences. Only when we quieted those distractions are we then able to view our true natures. Then with continued effort, we would gain insight into what we once were and the ultimate truth to the Universe. I define our place in the heavens, and how corruption attempts to hinder our growth. Our sacred understandings must be universal, this writing makes it so. Transforming the Collective Consciousness is what I present in this first of a three part series, Universal Consciousness.

Peaceful Journeys, J. M. Mondragon

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