Understanding Truth

​Looking from the viewpoint of a spirit, I’m simplistic and very much a realist. I’ve kept my opinions to myself or awhile now, engaging myself instead with observing and studying my environment. Gaining the wisdom from everyone and everything I come into contact with. I’m a patient spirit that for the most part only shares my spiritual side on certain occasions. This may have bothered some of my friends over the years because we would share intense glimpses into each other depths and then move on to other subjects. I believe the true measure of the spirit will never be comprehended in their voice, but rather their actions. I live spiritually viewing everyone as immortal spirits capable of tapping true power within themselves. I also present to others the ability to share their wisdom so that we may both gain understanding. The key to this is to be confident in your understanding of life. For when you are, you gain the wisdom that our paths may vary, but we are all living as one conscious soul. This helps us to stop the need to defend ourselves constantly and listen more to understand the spirits we share our space with. For even if we our blocked by opinions, they do have something of importance to say. Elevating your consciousness will awaken you to see this, whom ever you meet throughout your day, you were meant to meet. Whatever they say, will always have a direct meaning for you to understand. This primarily works on face to face communication, just see them as the immortal spirits they are and you will see what I mean. I added these to help us consider how truly beautiful life is if we could just realize this. Please feel free to share experiences, I will gladly post them. Thanks

The Ten Truth’s to Life

If you trust in life, it will always take care of you.    

If you are unsure, it will help you with options.

If you are sure, it’ll give it to you.

If you live to destroy life, it will destroy you.

If you help life, you will prosper.

If you have wronged life, you will need to make amends.

If you do not, you will create negative karma.

Negative karma will always balance itself out one day, no exceptions.

You will always have the power to control karma when it is balanced and pure energy. When it’s unbalanced every wish or desire becomes a design to balance it out.

From Age of Awareness: A Guide for the Spiritual Living, a earlier book of mine as I was still growing, but still very pertinent today.

Now we have been handed the path, it is only for us to decide to follow it. There is more to us than Creation, there’s love and support, and a blending of ideas. All prospering towards a day when all spirits within a great cosmic awakening transforms us like never before seen in the Known and Unknown Universe. In the meantime, we perform the groundwork.