Force in the Known Universe

Here Force operates as an extending pattern of conscious thought stimulated through the minds of beings. Order as we know it, will generally function in our current Known Universe in three parts, Forms, Waves, and Streamers. As we leave from physical consciousness and into other Realms, we begin to see that the same laws no longer apply. Note also that beings are able to exist in multiple places for instance, a human may have a physical body but due to the pain and suffering they have endured, it pushes their consciousness into the Outer Universe and locks them like an anchor to their false viewpoints. Depending upon what paths they take there could still be strong possibilities that they will come back to the Collective. Even still upon death that same Spirit may still have enough connection to consciousness to continue to live well into the Collective Universe. However, a continued amount of suffering and acceptance, from a continued amount of lives can only conclude that at the time of any death the rebirth will be in the Outer Universe. Yet again while this life is being process through the Realm of Entropy and Dimension of Fears, they will still exist as we know them in the physical universe, with a completely different perspective about life and in the Unconscious Collective. They will mimic life in the Conscious World and contort what is known as truth. They are still capable of the full range of emotions that are available to the human understanding within their individual means, but they will take these emotions to places where an evolving consciousness would never. Their concepts of oneness and their depth of love isn’t wholesome like most but wreaked with conditions that could be of any poor capacity. It was once said that our truest power is the ability to change our thoughts, perhaps the only key to helping our spiritual siblings back at this point. This is different if they move into the Dimension of Internalizations, here the suffering and acceptance takes on a deeper hold and the Soul moves into The Abysmal Realms, they will lose their Physical Forms and stay here locked in their pain. I explain this more in Consciousness, Earth’s Evolution Spiritually Realized.