The true source of our inherited Consciousness

“Truth is so obscured nowadays and Lies so established that unless we Love the Truth, we shall never recognize it” -Blaise Pascal

The true source of our inherited Consciousness resides here, it is Awakened as Action. We must look past our perceptions and definitions of the word Action to know that true action is what we are. When we think or move our Consciousness throughout Time and Space perhaps in our past experiences, we are there. When we think of a loved one or ponder a future experience we are there. This movement is what the Ancients called Electric Fire, it’s instantaneous and our Astral Forms move about an unnumbered amounts per second. This is also how Unconsciousness occurs, we move about throughout our timelines and recreate scenes of false comprehension of them, we become trapped in these places because what occurred, and what is within Times Intelligent Record locks are Consciousness in a wrong view. Repeated Wrong Views around these same events places us in Inaction, no new information from Source and thus we become Unconscious.

Time is intelligent synchronicity, and its awakened state is Rhythm. Rhythm is Conscious Harmonization, the opposition being Stillness. There is never a moment of stillness here, because where there is light, there is life. This Chakra moves by way of Solar Fire, much like Space it is limited in its movements but can influence billions of years away. Time is where The Universal Intelligence resides, not initially Conscious it performs all tasks in a mechanized manner. Assisting life throughout the Universe, touching all it can with structure and growth. We look at the abundance of life on the planet and always marvel at the intelligence. All the Universe will continue if this force resides within it.

            Once this Time Chakra moves into its Awakened Spiritual Form it moves from autonomously performing tasks to Consciously participating. We’ve come to know these Beings as The Sun Gods, which we will find much literature on. One thing I’ve come to understand is that these Great Beings are not limited to their Solar Systems, they move across the Universe through the rays of light and easily place themselves within Solar Systems of their choosing. At times even inhabiting another occupied star, dominating an unawaken sun. Conscious Solar Systems take on an Evolutionary Cycle that is beyond my current knowledge. Our Lord however has taken on the seeding of Conscious Beings within this system, which is a rare blessing as we can see within the galaxy.

Space is the unseen universal force which binds all matter keeping it in a continuously and miraculously transforming pattern. It’s opposing force is Entropy, quantum physics has shed new insights on this in today’s world. Stability moves throughout the Universe by a means termed as Fire by Friction, atoms and chemicals constantly colliding with one another or binding. The deeper we gaze into the raw nature of matter through a microscope we view it as a soupy mix of chaotic energy which appears as a war zone. We must understand that it is because we are actively perceiving that causes this chaotic effect. When matter is left to its own intentions, it harmonizes between Stability/Entropy and manifested into the universe into the perceptible solid forms we comprehend. Contemplating this will give to us the understanding of our initial insights as to how we alone in this realm possess the gift to Create.